“Help! I’m Overwhelmed in My Calling!”

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when we look at size of the dream God’s put inside of us. We question how we are ever able to accomplish that dream. Ultimately, it’s God who works out HIS dream through us, but He asks us to partner with Him in it. So, how do we do that without feeling completely stuck and overwhelmed?

On this episode, my friend Christa Hutchins and I talk about how to eliminate the overwhelm when we’re faced with the enormity of our calling.


Christa shares some really practical tips in how to get out from underneath it all and how to take steps forward.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What overwhelm is.
  • The two different kinds of overwhelm in a calling.
  • Practical steps in how to eliminate the overwhelm.
  • How to move forward and gain some momentum.

Resources & Other Podcast Episodes

”Rest“ with Joel Muddamalle [Ep. 3] – All we do should come from a place of rest!

Christa mentioned the “Move Forward Journal.” She created the journal for the busy go-getter with overwhelming thoughts and ideas that keep her up at night. You can access this journal on Christa’s website (see below).


  • ”Clarity comes from action, and action can be just one simple thing.” (Christa)
  • “The longer you sit in overwhelm, the more overwhelming in gets. … The only way to make it stop growing is to do something.” (Christa)
  • “It’s very empowering to take one step at a time because you gain confidence with each step that you take.” (Julie)

Connect with Christa:

Christa Hutchins equips busy Christian communicators and leaders with project management and problem solving skills so they can turn their big ideas into a successful ministry or business. She is passionate about teaching women to find practical application of the Bible in their personal, professional and ministry lives. Christa lives in south Louisiana with her husband in their delightfully empty nest.

Facebook:  https://facebook.com/doanewthing
Instagram: https://instagram.com/doanewthing
Website: https://doanewthing.com