5 Tips to Bring Your God-given Dreams to Life

God-given dreams are given to us, but it’s only as we cooperate with the Holy Spirit that we are able to bring them to life.

Are you stuck in the endless cycle of planning and dreaming? Do you find yourself saying: “Ready, aim, aim, aim, aim!” and never pulling the trigger on those dreams? We need to put some confident action behind those dreams.

In this post, I will be sharing five tips to bring your God-given dreams to life. These are all things you can start doing today.

1. Stop scrolling social media!

Reduce the amount of content you consume. You should be creating more than consuming. Someone once told me that social media would steal my soul. I can’t say it’s stolen my soul, but it has depleted my creative juices.

Constantly consuming content detracts me from my own God-given dreams and causes me to compare and compete.

Constantly consuming content causes me to look away from the burning bush of God’s voice and to stare at the burned embers of what could have been instead.

Julie Holmquist

When we are scrolling, we’re also comparing and competing. We plant seeds of what God’s given us. Then we uproot them, and plant them somewhere else. We are constantly uprooting and planting somewhere else, and the plant doesn’t have a chance to grow their root system. Their roots don’t receive nutrients to grow! They’re always in shock.

2. Do the hard work of going deep with God.

Going deep with God infuses you with creativity, and He breathes life into what He wants you doing. He is THE Creator; therefore, He wants you to create WITH Him.

I say “hard work” because our flesh does NOT want to be still. We feel the constant need to be doing something, anything else besides just being with God. Matter of fact, when I purpose to spend time with God, it never fails that my to-do list suddenly comes to mind.

3. Share your God-given dreams with someone else.

Sharing your God-given dreams with someone else increases the chance that you will accomplish that dream instead of just talking about it.

According to The American Society of Training and Development, you have a 65% of completing a goal if you share it with someone and up to a 95% success rate if you have a specific accountability appointment with that person. (https://www.afcpe.org/news-and-publications/the-standard/2018-3/the-power-of-accountability/)

You should only share it with people you trust and would encourage you in that dream.

Dreams are like seeds that have germinated. They need to have the light of day to grow. So share your dream with someone else!

Julie Holmquist

4. Take a step of faith brings your God-given dream to life!

Let His peace act as an umpire! Colossians 3:15 says, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”

Some commentaries translate that word “rule” in the original language to mean “to act as an umpire.” I know they didn’t have baseball in the Bible times, but they were encouraged to let the peace of God guide them. Let Christ’s peace dictate what you do and don’t do.

So what does an umpire do? An umpire calls the balls but ONLY AFTER the batter gets up to the plate and swings. So, get up to the plate and take a swing. Pray, get wise counsel, seek God, but GET UP TO THE PLATE and take a swing.

5. Recognize the fact that you aren’t going to carry out your God-given dreams perfectly.

You will not hit the bullseye every single time. Simply learn from your mistakes and missteps. That’s where clarity comes in. Don’t be afraid to fail.

A lot of us dreamers and creatives give up when it gets hard.

We are going to make mistakes. Experiencing setbacks and failures doesn’t mean it’s not God’s dream for you. God’s will is not a tightrope where we feel like one wrong move and we’ll fall and everything will come crashing down.

If you get off course, God is well able to give you a course correction. He loves the dream He’s put in your heart, but He also loves the journey and the transformation that takes place in you as you are bringing these things to life.


Start implementing these five tips today, and watch what God does! We don’t bring our God-given dreams to life on our own. We cooperate with the Holy Spirit, and He brings them to life!

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