Waiting on God with Your Dream [Ep. 31]

Are you still waiting on God to open the door to your God-given dream? How do you keep that dream alive while waiting until He does? Your dream matters to God. Wait for Him to empower and equip you to carry it out!

Waiting on God: God deposits things in our hearts, but we
can't do them all at once.
Waiting on God


  • What a dormant dream is.
  • What’s happening behind the scenes of a dormant dream.
  • Seasons of a dream.
  • Practical things to do while waiting on God for the right season.
  • The ONE quality every dreamer needs.


  • “A dormant dream is a dream that’s sleeping. … It’s not something you’re experiencing right now.” (Melissa)
  • “God deposits things in our hearts, but we can’t do them all at once.” (Melissa)
  • “Some personalities feel like they’re going to explode with a dream God’s put in their hearts. But sometimes God wants us to sit with it for awhile.” (Melissa)
  • “God gave you the dream, but it will still require hard work.” (Melissa)
  • “Sometimes the waiting period feels like a rubber band that’s being stretched way beyond what it can endure before it snaps.” (Melissa)
  • “Be a lifelong learner. Nothing is failure.” (Melissa)


Melissa’s Book: “Learning to Roar”


Melissa C. Dyer is a wife, mother, business owner, and champion of women. Her writing and teachings have inspired, challenged, and educated readers and listeners for more than 20 years. She’s the author of two books, Learning to Roar and Courageous Days and host of the popular podcast The Cost Is Courage. She and her husband are empty nesters and reside in sunny south Florida.


Connect with Melissa at the following:

Instagram: @melissacdyer_

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